Trip to Fire Station Sparks First Graders’ Interest in Firefighters’ Lives

Did you know that the firefighters in Cuyahoga Heights are also paramedics? This means that firefighters are trained to help people who are injured in an accident or fire.

That’s one of the things first graders learned when they visited the Cuyahoga Heights Fire Station in November.  They also learned that the firefighters stay overnight at the station so they can respond immediately in case there’s an emergency.  This means that the station is like a home away from home.  It has a family room, bedroom, and three refrigerators -- one for each of the firefighters’ three shifts. 

In addition to the behind-the-scenes tour of the station, the children climbed into a firetruck and ambulance. They saw a lot of controls and equipment and learned that the firefighters take classes and attend weekly training sessions to make sure they know how to use all of the instruments. The variety of equipment demands that firefighters be able to problem-solve on the spot. No two emergencies are ever the same.

Finally, what would a trip to the fire station be without a review of fire safety. The students were presented with two different pictures where they were asked to determine which picture demonstrated fire safety and which was unsafe. Students also reviewed the technique of “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. 

Overall, the students discovered the importance of life-long learning. “The children came away from their visit with the understanding that firefighters have a big responsibility as community helpers,'' said first grade teacher Chris Bazydlo. “And to be able to help, they must be learning all the time and be able to solve problems on the spot.”