Staff Members, Retirees Honored

Ordinarily, Superintendent Tom Evans is chief of the Cuyahoga Heights Schools. But on Friday, June 3, he was the chef! The chief turned chef manned the grill at an end-of-the-school-year barbeque held to recognize staff members who reached milestones in their years with the district and those who are retiring. Each honoree received a gift commemorating their years of service with the district.  

Board President Mark Dobbins, Vice President Maria Eder, and member Gary Suchocki also stopped by to offer their congratulations to all those being recognized…

Celebrating milestones were the following: 

Five Years
  • Douglas DiDio-Bus Driver
  • Jessica Dindia-Title I Reading Specialist
  • Eveline Forchione-Cleaner
  • Edward Friss-Bus Driver
  • Sara Meister-Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Raymond Mervar-Bus Driver
  • Miles Paterson-High School Science Teacher
  • Yalixa Rodriguez-Payroll/Human Resources Specialist
  • Matt Salzwimmer-Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Matt Young- Assistant Superintendent

Ten Years

  • Christine Bennett-High School World Language Teacher
  • Brooke Dragon-High School Technology Teacher
  • Darris Gibson-Custodian
  • Jennifer Graceffo-Cleaner
  • Kyle Manfredonia-(Pre-K) Teacher
  • Megan Neville- High School English Teacher

Fifteen Years

  • Christina Zawadzki-High School Math Teacher

Twenty Years

  • Matthew Berger-Custodian
  • Tricia Broski-Middle School/High School Physical Education Teacher
  • Wendi Cichocki-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mary K McDermott-Transportation Coordinator/Bus Driver
  • Gary Miller-Elementary Technology Teacher
  • Chadwick Robinson-Middle School Science Teacher
  • Sohir Soliman-Cleaner
  • Corey Taylor-Fifth Grade Teacher

Thirty Years

  • Kathie Toplovich-Transportation Coordinator

The program also provided an opportunity to celebrate those who are retiring from the district.  Best wishes to the following staff members as they begin a new chapter in their lives: 


  • Chris Bazydlo, 33 years-First Grade Teacher
  • Elaine Collins, 33 years-Third Grade Teacher
  • Cathy Ditzel, 34+ years-Elementary Secretary
  • Jeannette Mooney, 35+ years-Custodian
  • Kathie Toplovich, 30 years-Transportation Coordinator/Bus Driver


  1. Manning the grill are Superintendent Tom Evans, Board President Mark Dobbins, and Board Member Gary Suchocki.
  2. Retirees Elaine Collins, Chris Bazydlo, and Kathie Toplovich.
  3. Superintendent Evans recognizes Kathie Toplovich
  4. Five-Year Honorees Eveline Forchione, Miles Paterson, and Matt Salzwimmer.
  5. Ten-Year Honorees Darris Gibson, Brooke Dragon, and Kyle Manfredonia.
  6. Fifteen-Year Honoree Christina Zawadzki.
  7. Twenty-Year Honorees: Back row (left to right): Matthew Berger and Corey Taylor. Front row (left to right) Chad Robinson, Wendy Cichocki, Mary K McDermott, and Sohir Soliman. 
  8. A celebration cake depicts the district’s five retirees.