Efficiency, Kindness Drive Staff Member into the Spotlight

As the Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent, Megan Schwab wears many hats. Her role is part human resources, part information technology, and part secretary. Among her responsibilities are planning and implementing staff in-services, conducting employee onboardings and offboardings, handling background checks, and managing software, including the Frontline Absence Management System and PublicSchoolWorks program for staff, as well as compiling all of the district’s job postings. She also works with FinalForms, the ProgressBook Suite and helps with the district’s BEST Committee meetings. 

Some the things other have said about Mrs. Schwab include the following: 

  • “She takes her job seriously and works intently to ensure that things run smoothly.” 
  • “She is always looking for ways to streamline processes.”
  • “She is an avid listener who makes people feel that what they have to say is important."
  • “She has outstanding problem solving skills. Her work is impeccable – she rarely makes errors and seems to think of everything.”

It’s no surprise, then, that she was named the Staff Spotlight recipient for May and recognized at the May 24 Board meeting. 

“I like meeting new employees and letting them know they can always come to me with questions and that I will get them answers,” Schwab says about how seriously she takes her role. “It is important to form that connection.” 

Schwab is equally serious when it comes to her husband of almost nine years and their two sons. The boys recently completed kindergarten and pre-kindergarten in the Cuyahoga Heights Schools. “My family is everything to me,” says Schwab, who enjoys going on adventures with her husband and sons: camping, taking walks in the Metroparks, gardening, and working on projects around the house and yard. “I also love cheering on my boys in any sport they are playing and attending my niece’s dance performances.”

Schwab’s commitment to being there for others is further demonstrated by the fact that she has spent most of her adult life growing and donating her hair to others who cannot grow hair of their own for various reasons. “My eight-year-old cousin, Josh, passed from brain cancer when I was in college,” explains Schwab. “I decided one of the ways I wanted to honor him was to grow my hair to donate for as long as I could. I have donated my hair six times so far and am a few months away from donating a seventh time,” she stated.

If not for her current career, Schwab admits that she would have been an elementary school teacher. “I have always loved working with children of all ages throughout my life, including at summer camp, a day care, a college, and now the district,” she concluded.